Club Teams

Here's some information about our club's teams. Our club's chess teams play in the Four Nations Chess League's Online Junior League. Our club's Go teams play in the Euro City Youth Go League.


We have had at least two teams in every season so far of the Online Junior 4NCL Chess League. The current season is Season 9, and there are 84 teams in 4 divisions. We have two teams. Our A team is in Division 1. Division 1 is divided into two equal groups of 8 and as of 7 April 2024 our A team is 6th out of 8 teams in their group (Group A). This is very good because this is a national competition and the top division is very tough! Our B team is in Division 4 and after 6 out of 7 rounds is just above half way in the table.


We have competed in all 3 seasons so far of the Euro City Youth Go League. The latest season was Season 3, it had 29 teams from 7 different countries in Europe. We had 5 teams, the most of any club! Our A team finished second in their group in the top division but didn't manage to qualify for the final. Our B team was second in their group in Division 2. Our C, D and E teams played in the third division and our C team was second in their group. The top division was won by a team from London and the other two divisions were both won by teams from Neuss in Germany.