Cambridge Junior Chess & Go Club

Club News

This is our latest information as of September 2023.

Club Meetings

Our club is a place for children to play Chess and Go, we also have a few other traditional board games.

We currently have 2 weekly meetings (during school term time):

Our Wednesday meetings are like this:

Our Thursday meetings have just started so at the moment we are just playing games and welcoming new members!

Children of any age from 6 to 16 are welcome at bothe meetings. Parents may leave their children at the club or may stay, they are welcome to join in the club activities if they are interested.

As well as Chess and Go, we have at the club sets for Oware, Shogi and Chinese Chess. Sometimes we teach the rules of these games during the summer.

At the end of each autumn term we have a Club Chess Championship and Club Go Championship. The latest ones we held at the end of 2022 both had 26 players. The current club Chess champion is Aaden Wong and the Go champion is Andrew Volovich. For information about other past winners, see the Roll of Champions

Our other club champions are - Shogi: Aaden Wong, Chinese Chess: Samuel Wu, Oware: Odysseas Jones-Roumeliotis, Handicap Go: Zoe Walters.

Each year we hold heats of the UK Chess Challenge and the UK Go Challenge. The winners in 2023 were Callum Collie (Chess) and Odysseas Jones-Roumeliotis (Go)

In 2024 our club will be 30 years old! We are planning to have some special events to celebrate.

Online Activities

We have two chess teams playing in the Online Junior 4NCL Chess competition. Our A team is currently in Division 2 and our B team is in Division 4.

We will have at least one Go team in the Euro City Youth Go League which starts in October

We organise some online Go teaching/playing sessions on alternate Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm, these are on the OGS Go Server.

Club Administration

Here you can see some key documents relating to the club:

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