Cambridge Junior Chess & Go Club

Club News

This is our latest information as of December 2017.

Our club is still meeting St Augustine's Hall, Richmond Road, Cambridge CB4 3PT.

Our meetings are on Wednesdays during term time from 6pm until 7.15pm. The cost is 1.50 per week. There is car parking on the street.

Our club is now more than 20 years old! We usually have around 20-30 junior players at the club. There are various Chess and Go players who help at the club. Here is a list of club committee members and Chess and Go teachers.

The Chess Shield and Go Shield competitions will continue to be held in the autumn and/or spring. For information about past winners, see the Roll of Champions

Occasionally we also have club championships of Oware, Shogi, Chinese Chess and Othello.

Each year we hold heats of the UK Chess Challenge and the UK Go Challenge. The winner of our heat of the UK Chess Challenge for 2016 and 2017 was Julia Volovich.

Club Details

The Junior Chess & Go Club was founded in its current form in 1994 as a partnership between the Cambridge City Chess Club and the Cambridge University Go Society and this continued until 2013. At this point the City Chess Club decided that they could no longer be involved with the junior club. The club is now run by a committee made up of parents, representatives from the Go Society, and chess helpers. The club is also affiliated to the British Go Association.

The club is a place for children of all ages to come and play chess and go (if you don't know what go is, look here for a quick introduction to the game, or download igowin, an excellent free go-playing program - size 786k - which runs under Windows and includes a go tutorial). Go is somtimes known as igo (the Japanese name for the game), weiqi (the Chinese name), wei ch'i (the Cantonese name) or baduk (Korean). You can look at an example game played by one of our club members who took part in the European Youth Team Championships.

We are always very pleased to have new members at our club. Our club members over the past few years have mostly been aged between 6 and 16. These have included beginners and also quite strong players. So if you come along, you should be able to find someone who is about the same standard as you are. It doesn't matter whether you come every week or just now and then. And it doesn't matter if you can't stay until the end.

On ordinary meetings, when we do not have any special events, we sometimes have either some Chess teaching and then a game on our Go ladder, or else some Go teaching and then a game on the Chess ladder.


These are some of the things our club does:

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