What is Go?

We are sure that you will have heard of chess, but perhaps you don't know what go is. Well, go is another game for two people, and it's also played with black and white pieces on a square board. The idea of it is to surround part of the board as your territory. If your territory is bigger than the other person's, then you win!

Go was invented in China a long time ago. The game is at least 2,500 years old - like chess, it has been around for a long time! In China, Korea and Japan there are about 30 million people who play go. In Korea, there's even a 24-hour go TV channel!

It is only recently that people in this country have started playing go. Most big towns now have a go club, and the game is becoming more popular all the time. The rules are quite easy - it only takes about fifteen minutes to learn to play. It's quite different from any other game, but we think that if you like chess then you will probably enjoy go as well.

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