Club Helpers

Here is some information about the club committee and people who help teach chess and go at the club

Committee Members

The current committee are: Tom McNeeney, Patrick Ribbands, Spyros Roumeliotis, Paul Smith, Reddy Srinivasa, Adri Walters and Mark Walters

Chess and Go Teaching

The people doing Chess teaching at the club include Patrick, Tom, Reddy and Spyros.

For the Go teaching, the people involved include Paul, Tom, Spyros, Bruno Poltronieri, Gang Xiong and Edmund Smith

Other tasks

Club e-mails are usually sent from an address to which all committee members have access. You can contact us at this address

More volunteers to help with any aspect of organising the club are always welcome.

Photos of Club Committee and Helpers

Patrick Ribbands

Picture of Patrick Ribbands

Paul Smith

Picture of Paul Smith

Tom McNeeney

Picture of Tom McNeeney

Spyros Roumeliotis

Picture of Spyros Roumeliotis

Mark Walters

Picture of Mark Walters

Adri Walters

Picture of Adri Walters

Mark Hsieh

Picture of Mark Hsieh

Former club helpers

Here are some people you may recognise who used to help out at the club!

Greg Young is a former USA junior chess champion who helped out at the club in 2015. He is a great chess teacher and he organised lots of fun events such as bullet chess and a chess-go competition, and he played 13 players at once blindfold. He had some special tape for sticking on people who made "tapeworthy" moves (in other words, mistakes!).

Picture of Greg Young

Sean Blanchflower was on the committee until 2019 and helped with chess teaching at the club.

Picture of Sean Blanchflower

James Wood is a former president and secretary of the Cambridge University Go Society who helped out at the club in 2016

Picture of James Wood

Chris Davison is a strong chess player who taught chess at the club in 2017

Picture of Chris Davison

Fabian Tobianski is a chess teacher and player from Germany who taught chess at the club in 2017

Picture of Fabian Tobianski

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